Monday, September 03, 2007

Food safety: Wheat gluten and illness as a metaphor for the state of our food supply.

Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease are part of a hidden epidemic. Most people are unfamiliar with the term gluten. This improved after the recent outbreak of cats and dogs dying in the U.S. from pet food made with wheat gluten from China contaminated by the chemical melamine. Gluten has been linked to various autoimmune conditions. Links to food or chemicals to fibromyalgia, autism spectrum disorder, chronic fatigue, IBS, multiple sclerosis, and headaches appear strong but difficult to prove.

Is there a link between what we eat and the epidemic of unexplained illness? Is our food supply safe? Are organic foods just more expensive? Are we experiencing irrational fears about processed and non-organic foods that are less expensive and just as safe? Watch this chilling video about the future of food.

There is a debate whether allergic or eosinophilic esophagitis is increasing or just being more commonly recognized. Autism appears to rising. One estimate is 1/166. Celiac disease is estimated at 1/100. Based on the prevalence of elevated gliadin antibodies in the blood and stool non-celiac gluten sensitivity probably affects between 1/10 and 1/3. After watching this video, reflecting on this information on this blog, and the recent revelations about food and products contaminated by chemicals, from toothpaste, pet food, and children’s toys what do you think?

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glutenfreewoman said...

What do I think? I am a mother, wife, sister, nurse. I am scared. What kind of options do I have? How do I feed my family safely? Is it a coincidence that these diseases are on the rise 60 years after chemicals were introduced and GMO's entered our food supply? How can it be? Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and so on...I have always wondered why we can eat the same way as our ancestors, ie eggs bacon everyday as one example, and yet we are so much sicker than we have ever been. We are sicker than we have ever been and know more about medicine than we ever have. Who is looking at our food supply for answers to the disease problem? I suppose we just don't have enough power, influence and money...

Anonymous said...

I think.. you do a wonderful job in trying to make a diference by publishing your knowledge on this huge problem. Thank you for doing this.
And I think.. you might be right.. there is a link..
And.. I think you should make a call to dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD, MD(D), FAAFP and listen to how they actually in some cases (early start) cure.. I repeat.. cure atuisme by putting the children on gluten- and caseinfree diet, treat gastrointestinal problems and treat oxidative stress in the body.. ++

His knowledge might be used as an aproatch to adhd, schizophrenia, depression, nevrological problems and so on.. if one know what to look for, and what to treat..

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