Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gluten free and food allergy dining resources recommended

Do you have food allergies or are you gluten sensitive and you need restaurant and international dining information? Then you need "Let's Eat Out". This book is beautifully illustrated and practical. It is arguable the most comprehensive guidebook to eating out while managing the ten most common food allergies (corn, dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy and tree nuts) and Celiac disease/ gluten sensitivity. Packed with information, this guide is the definitive source for safe and enjoyable dining out for those with gluten sensitivity and food allergies, whatever the cuisine or country. One of the authors is a chef and the other has celiac disease. They both have years of experience in the food and restaurant industry. Included in this incredibly useful guide is information on specific cuisines, essential multilingual phrases for worldwide use, airline meal breakfast and snack suggestions, and worldwide ingredient and meal preparation guidelines. Buy it now! Use it in restaurants worldwide! My copy already has worn edges from frequent use.

Are you gluten sensitive? Do you understand gluten sensitivity and celiac disease? Dr. Lewey's colleague, Dr. Rodney Ford, reveals the truth about the hidden epidemic affecting one in ten people. His book "Are you gluten sensitive?" answers over 70 of the most frequently asked questions about gluten sensitivity. It also includes over 40 pages of recipes and research information on gluten sensitivity from a renowned pediatric gastroenterologist and allergist.

You can obtain copies of these books at a deep discount while they last by emailing me at orders@thefooddoc.com.

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