Monday, March 28, 2011

Personal Thanks for Being Selected One of America's Top Gastroenterologists for 2010

The Food Doc Website continues to be updated. I have recently added more content, including biopsy and endoscopic photos, as well as examples of Celiac and IBD blood tests and Celiac genetic results to help you understand these results better. As I have explained in past, the site is a work in progress, done after hours in the midst of a busy clinical practice. However, I am passionate about these issues and experience on a day to day basis the frustrations that many of you feel trying to find good information as well as deal with the misinformation and denial of both lay public and physicians regarding the role of food and the digestive tract health and disease. Many of you have kindly given feedback that you appreciate the content of the website.

With humility I am honored to have been selected as one of America’s Top Gastroenterologists by the Consumers’ Research Council of America for expertise Celiac and Digestive Diseases, based on evaluations that included education and continuing education, number of years practicing in the medical profession, board certifications and affiliations with professional medical associations. This honor is accepted on behalf of my patients and those of you who follow my blogs and visit my website regularly; many of you teaching me through your experiences and insights, questions and struggles. Thank you for reading this blog and visiting my website. Thanks to you have shared feedback on the survey at the website and those who have opted in to my email list to receive updates. This has been difficult week, as my sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother died of cancer at age 63. Several times a week I have to inform patients that they have cancer, some at advanced incurable stages. It is never easy and when it is one of your own family, it is especially tough.

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Dr. Scot Lewey is a digestive disease specialist doctor (board certified gastroenterologist) whose medical practice focuses on digestive and food related illness. Also, known as Dr. Celiac, the Food Doc, Dr. Lewey shares his experiential knowledge for a healthy gut, healthy life on-line. He is one of the few GI doctors who also is gluten sensitive and dairy sensitive. He has nearly a quarter of century of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of food allergy & intolerance, colitis, Crohn's disease and IBS. He and his family live gluten free in Colorado.

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