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Celiac Disease Negative or Inconclusive But You Think You Have Food Sensitivity?

Do you have symptoms or health issues that won’t go away and tests for food allergies and Celiac disease have been negative or inconclusive? Have you been told you have IBS, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue or depression but feel that the medications and treatments recommended for you by doctors have not helped and you wonder if your symptoms might be related to your diet? Do you believe foods or chemicals in the foods you eat may be contributing to how poorly you feel and your unexplained symptoms yet doctors have told you that food allergy tests are negative or inconclusive? If you feel this way you are not alone. Now there may be help in a new form of food sensitivity testing to determine if your body is reacting negatively to the foods you are eating. The Food Doc is now partnering with Signet Diagnostic Corporation to bring this testing to patients on-line.

If you are not sure you have symptoms from foods, take this food symptom survey on my secure website. High scores indicate the possibility that foods are making you ill. If you want me to review your history and symptoms register for secure communication with me and request an on-line consultation. As a food allergy and food sensitivity specialist – the Food Doc, I will review all of your information and provide you with a comprehensive on-line consultative opinion with recommendations.

There is now ample medical research that foods and food additives or chemicals may be to blame for many chronic debilitating symptoms and health problems especially chronic inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately, if your diet is contributing or causing your illness, medications prescribed for undiagnosed symptoms related to foods will fail to relieve your symptoms and may delay a correct diagnosis. Medications may simply mask the symptoms or treat the inflammation in the body triggered by foods without addressing the root cause. Many times the medications have side effects that are worse than the condition and can lead to other health problems. Many people end up suffering for years and spend thousands of dollars for tests and treatments that never identify the root problem and don’t work.

I have started using a new type of food sensitivity testing, called mediator release testing or MRT. I believe this testing takes a large element of the guessing out of the equation. I am now participating to make this testing available along with the dietary counseling program called LEAP© to those who participate in on-line counseling. By registering for online consultation I may be able to help you overcome your food sensitivity problems using MRT testing and the LEAP program.

First, you initiate an online consultation with me to review your symptoms and previous testing. Then we submit a request for MRT testing through Signet Diagnostic Corporation under my physician order. LEAP uses a patented blood test named MRT© (Mediator Release Test©) to isolate a safe foods diet for each patient. MRT eliminates the guesswork to give you definitive answers. Once the test is performed, an eating plan is developed and tailored to your individual results and dietary needs or restrictions. Included in the fee for testing is counseling from a trained LEAP Dietitian who will assist you in implementing your new, healthy eating plan under my oversight.

“The LEAP Program has helped thousands of IBS, migraine, fibromyalgia and other food sensitive patients quickly overcome their food sensitivities and find lasting relief, even to the point of feeling completely healthy again after years of suffering. In fact, most patients see noticeable improvement within 5-10 days on the program. And all without the ongoing costs and potential side effects of prescription medications that will never fix the underlying cause of the illness.”

Start by registering for secure communication and then submit an on-line consult to me to review your history. After reviewing your history we can submit a request for MRT testing. With your request and my doctor’s order, Signet Diagnostic Corporation will determine if your insurance covers the testing or if you will have to pay for the testing on your own. You will be notified of your benefit coverage and any out of pocket expense to have the testing.

Once you have decided to undergo testing, you will be set up to have a blood draw at a lab near you. The blood samples will be sent overnight mail to Signet's testing facility. Your blood will be tested for abnormal mediator release in response to over a hundred foods and chemicals. I will receive a copy of your tests to review and forward to you along with a diet plan based on your tests. The fee for the testing includes about 3 hours of personalized dietary counseling from an experienced LEAP dietician.

If you believe you have food and/or chemical sensitivities and you want to feel better, your improved health is in your hands. Consider registering for online consultation today or if you are already registered on my secure site submit your on-line consultation. I will determine if you may benefit from MRT testing. You may review MRT testing and LEAP at Signet Diagnostic Corporation website.

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