Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gluten-free pizza and beer

As a doctor who treats many people with celiac disease and who is personally gluten sensitive, I am uniquely aware of the challenges of a gluten-free diet. I am also casein sensitive. So, pizza is something that has been missing from my diet for months. However, those of us on a gluten-free diet can enjoy Amy’s gluten free pizza. And if you are also avoiding casein, you can eat Amy’s gluten-free dairy-free Spinach Pizza.

The pizza is made with a rice crust and soy-based mozzarella and ricotta cheeses. Therefore, if you are sensitive or allergic to soy you will want to avoid this pizza. Also, not all of Amy's products are gluten-free so you need to pay attention to the pizza boxes to confirm that they are gluten-free. The Spinach Pizza also contains tomatoes, potatoes, sunflower seeds and rice. Spinach and organic sun-ripened tomatoes are combined with several herbs for a very tasty, yet gluten-free dairy-free pizza.

There are no trans fats, preservatives or MSG. However, more than half the calories are from fat. So, just add gluten-free Red Bridge beer and you can enjoy a classic American meal and be somewhat unhealthy without eating gluten (or casein). I did, at least on Super Bowl Sunday this year. I will tell you more about my thoughts on the new gluten-free beer, Red Bridge, in another post.

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